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Last week was really fun.  I figured I could hear from everyone there about their own experiences in church in the past to help me see how different people react to different church settings. I also pictured then taking these two approaches for church and trying to find a middle ground…a sort of Venn Diagram effect, if you will–where I could begin to see what is the ideal church setting for myself somewhere in the middle.

In the end I came away feeling like there isn’t really a true perfect balance or middle ground between a contemporary and conservative church, although some of us expressed truly feeling their own church did balance this quite well. So I alone came away feeling like church on this earth is so imperfect I should not really be seeking that perfect balance. I should seek godly people to surround myself with and to be a part of this community–imperfections and all. More than anything I feel like I should be more concerned with my own offering of worship on Sunday (and all the other days) than I am about the makeup of the service itself.

But this got me to thinking. What is the point of prayer exactly? I mean, they pray in church for people who are sick or injured or going through a rough time. We pray before meal times. We pray to praise God and to bring our sorrows to Him.  But WHY? Do we really think God won’t do anything if we don’t pray? What is it doing exactly? Will God cease to work miraculously in our lives if we don’t pray?  Let’s discuss!


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