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Yep, I think we outdid ourselves here, but this topic comes straight out of last Wednesday’s discussion. I have more questions than answers myself, and anyone I’ve talked to about it has vacillated between a yes and no before my eyes (much as I’ve been doing myself).

Things to consider:

  • The commandment not to kill in Exodus
  • God commanding Joshua to conquer the Canaanites and the numerous battles that ensue with God’s support (everyone remember the story of Jericho?)
  • God kills nearly everyone on earth with the flood.
  • Jesus speaks out quite strongly against murder during the Sermon on the Mount

It seems to me that the commandments of Jesus and of the Ten Commandments are a little less general than they sound. I’ve got a few ideas, but am very interested in your thoughts on the matter.


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I’m still hoping to collect more data from the survey, so take it if you haven’t yet. Although Tuesday and Thursday appear more popular than Wednesday, I’m leery of changing our established day without more data.

For this week’s topic, though, I’m delving again from the survey responses. Next up? Human Nature: essentially sinner or saints by nature? It’s a thinking topic folks, so put your thinking caps on and then come and share your thoughts and/or questions.

As I ponder this matter, I find myself turning to the first two books of Genesis to see how man was originally intended to be. Revelation 20-22, on the other hand, deals with “the end” of this world and has some interesting stuff to unpack as well.

But of course, we know the Bible has quite a bit to say about hunan sinfulness. It would be a long list indeed if I tried to list them out, but for myself, I know I’ll be taking a peek at Genesis 3 to see the fall of man,Romans 3 and Romans 5 has some good stuff too, and maybe some 1 John thrown in, but there’s really too much to even list here.

Happy hunting! Comment or leave me a message for me if you have thoughts you’d like to share with the group before Wednesday night. Otherwise, see you there!

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