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I’m still collecting data from the survey, so continue to take it if you haven’t already.

In the mean time, the most popular topic of choice so far has been the “21st Century Church.” This is, of course a broad topic, and I’m interested in seeing where it ends up.  One way I thought we could approach this would be to read what several churches or religious institutions say they believe the goal of the church is, and to compare similarities and differences…but more importantly, to compare what we see to the early church described in the book of Acts in the New Testament (it is a Bible study, after all!).

Feel free to hunt around and compare for yourself, but here’s a few I found to save you some hunting time. Although keep in mind, many of these pages are filled with their beliefs on a variety of issues; we’re specifically interested in their thoughts on the church itself:

And don’t forget to run through the book of Acts, especially Paul’s actions from chapter 12/13 and on, so we have something to compare these to.

See you Wednesday!


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