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Drink on Your Own

Reminder: there is no meeting this Tuesday, the 29th; I am on a mountain biking trip in Lake Tahoe. We’ll be meeting again next Tuesday, July 6th–same bat time; same bat channel.

Last week was awesome. Brad and Jen came for the first time, and brought with them a southern perspective we’ve been sorely lacking. There was a moment when we’d put four very different ideas of what the Bible was all about out on the table and were beginning to discuss when I just kind of sat back and smiled because the variety of opinions was refreshing. I had a great time.

Next week, we’ll be starting a two-week/two-parter of sorts. The wide variety of opinions expressed last week got us to thinking about how, technically, Christians should be part of the same family–God’s family–and yet we’re the first to divide ourselves over differences of theology or, in many cases, differences of politics or philosophy. Just to stir the pot a bit–for fun’s sake–next Tuesday we’re asking everyone to think about some opinion or belief or practice they do/believe which other Christians are most likely to disagree or have a major problem with. For some of this, we’ll have so many to choose from we’ll have to share several. For others, this may prove difficult. My advice is this: think of other Christians whom you really do not like or of whom you really want nothing to do with. What is it that separates you? Don’t sell it short as just a “personality” issue. If you’re as flawed as me I guarantee you that you’ve put a wall up between yourself and another Christian based on some political/theological/philosophical difference. Come ready to share and stir up some trouble!

Our goal is not an argument–although some of that may briefly ensue and I’m kinda pumped about that. The point is to directly confront ourselves with a situation where we are tempted to distance ourselves from another Christian based on a seeming difference…only to overcome this difference and restore our “family” relationship again.

Since we won’t be actually trying to “solve” most of these controversial actions/beliefs, this will naturally lead to a second week where we discuss the things that every Christian MUST believe and that there is NO flexibility on whatsoever.

Until Tuesday, July 6th–be thinking about something you do or believe which other Christians will not like! Oh, and it’s Zach’s birthday today and he just got married on Saturday, so raise a glass in toast to Zach! Happy Birthday brother!



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I mean, it was written a LONG time ago to different people. But before I dig into this, I must address something that truly upset me this last Tuesday:

In a surprising twist of events, the Ringwood Old Thumper Ale that used to be my favorite beer (I hadn’t been able to find it in the last 2 years though) was a severe disappointment. I walked in to Alehouse all pumped to see my old fav’ on draft and two sips in I was missing one of my beloved IPA’s. But that’s the fun of a place like Alehouse, I may not love everything I try, but it’s fun to keep trying new beers each week. My second beer more than made up for it, Mad River’s “Imperial Red” was mind blowing and if God is indeed good, they will still have it next Tuesday for me.

But I am off topic already. The woman/submissiveness talk was surprising as well. We had several guys and two girls present, and the strongest advocates for differentiated roles for men and women were coming from both of the ladies! All of us guys were like, “surely we are all equal before the cross,” or “how can we truly limit what God is able to accomplish just because of patriarchal heritage? But both ladies spoke of how they really felt men and women were different from each other; they are good at different things and think differently. To them, a woman is in her best spot by supporting a man as they work together as a team, supplying their different talents to the same aim, working complementary to each other.

This led to a natural question about the Bible’s applicability to our modern lives. As great as the Bible is an all, it WAS written for an an ancient Jewish culture. I think we really run into huge misunderstandings if we simply take a statement meant for them and carry it over straight to our modern lives now. I’m not saying the Bible is irrelevant, but this can be a huge problem if not given serious credence.

So next Tuesday’s (6/22) topic is: How much authority/relevance does the Bible really have for me today?

I took a class on this at Simpson called Hermeneutics, and I luckily still have the textbook. So I’ll be studying up there. For this week’s topic, I really suggest you ask everyone their opinion on this matter. Ask your pastors. Ask your friends. Ask your co-workers, even if they’re not Christians. I’m as interested in an atheist’s opinion on this as anyone else’s. This is an issue which each Protestant denomination can differ greatly on, so I look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts.


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Skipping this Week

Due to a laundry-list of inconveniences I’ve made the executive decision to move this week’s meeting to next Tuesday. We’re still talking about the ladies and the whole issue of submissiveness–should be fun. See you next Tuesday!

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Yes, we’re going for it. It’s time to discuss this whole woman thing. The sort of cliched picture I was sort of raised on is that a Christian woman is completely submissive to men, and in no circumstances belong in any form of authority over men.

Is this true? Or is it a hyperbolized form of the truth? Or is this a complete misunderstanding of the Bible? We’ll find out next week, but I suspect this will prove to the one of the more controversial discussions we’ve had yet.

On another note, I actually cannot make it on Tuesday due to graduation at my school. So I’m trying to either skip a week or move this next one to Wednesday. If you have a strong opinion on the matter, let me know before I make an executive decision!


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I have had an uncharacteristically hectic week and have been remiss in posting the topic/recap here.  Nonetheless, I’m extremely interested in this Tuesday (6/1). First of all, the bartender told me last week that they were supposed to be getting Stone’s Ruination IPA back in again (I may have Karen drive me this time!) but secondly, the idea of limited atonement has ramifications much larger than simply “who gets to be saved.” For, the question of whether or not salvation was determined before time even began naturally leads me to questions of free will. How much of what I do really matters? If things are predetermined, what is the point in even trying? I may have some thoughts on this, but I want to particularly know what the Bible says about this…and I also really want to hear what everyone else has to say.

Hopefully I see you Tuesday (June 1st) at 7…and hopefully the Stone IPA is chilling in the fridge, eagerly awaiting my arrival.

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